Brett Brocki, Philanthropy / Consulting


In 1970 the world was changing from the Vietnam war and the beatnik 60’s. A time of turbulence, political unrest and a brave new world was being formed. A young man was brought into the world just before Christmas in 1970. His name was Brett Brocki.

Brett Brocki was born into the military lifestyle from a career service member in his father, David and his mother Joan. He comes from a family of 5 siblings who were all rigorously involved in the day to day operations of a military household. His father served in 1/7th Cavalry under Hal Moore in Ia Drang 1965 as well as the 101st Airborne in Vietnam in 1967. He served with Special Forces, the original Delta Force Detachment members, 82nd Airborne as well as other units at Fort Bragg. His mother was Civil Service in the hospital and dental clinics at the bases they were stationed at serving for over 35 years. She continues to volunteer at the local Veterans Administration hospital. Brett served in the army as a 19 Delta Recon Scout serving in Germany with 3/77 Armor, 8th ID as well as serving in Desert Storm in 1991. He found himself traveling the USA throughout the 90’s and landed in Virginia around 2002. Since then he has rooted his volunteer efforts in the military community much like his mother and proudly serves the United States armed forces and private civilian practices in the field of finance and many other requests. His continued efforts of volunteering outside of the community include fundraising for previous charities for Police, Fire, EMS, Cancer, Blind and Veterans. To quote his esprit de corps, “Leave no Veteran or Hero behind.” His lifetime of giving and serving will be left as a legacy to his family and to the world as an example of goodwill, humanity and honor.

Brett's website is a glimpse into his efforts in life. He continues to constantly network and assist people in all walks of life. Brett can and will help you achieve the next level in life. Whatever it may be.

Please take the time to reach out to him and express your interest, suggestion or concern. This is an opportunity to speak with a living miracle. There is no doubt where his heart and passion lies, helping people. Hope to hear from you soon…..